Empowering Movements

Our movements connect congregations with a natural affinity to create larger networks of healing and ministry. By empowering these movements, we are able to create umbrellas of leadership and encouragement, which in turn expands impact and brings healing. From ministering on college campuses to connecting Hispanic congregations to serving vulnerable populations, our movements seek to bring the Gospel to all people by all people.

Our Movements


¡Caminemos Juntos! unifies, mobilizes and multiplies latino Anglican churches throughout the Americas. This movement currently has yearly conferences in Mexico, the US and in South America.

Movements - CJ

Equipped To Heal

Equipped to Heal Ministries welcomes all who minister healing and pastoral care or who desire to receive healing and pastoral care. Our desire is to bring all healing ministers and ministries together, to pray for one another, and to build friendships with the hope to release the charism of healing in all our churches.

Walk Across The Street

Recognizing the reality of cultural and racial barriers while worshiping together for the sake of the Gospel. We want to be the answer to Jesus’ prayer, “that they may be one, so that the world may know that you have sent me.

Greenhouse Campus Fellowship

Greenhouse Campus Fellowship (GCF) sees colleges and universities as essential areas of mission and growth for the church. Through planting congregations at universities throughout North America, we develop and send out student leaders within the beautiful expressions of the Anglican church.


Asian Ministries

Asian Ministries exists to facilitate the development and the growth of Asian and multicultural North American churches and Christian communities by grounding these communities in the Christian faith, building partnerships among Asian-North American churches, and serving together as one body of Christ in Canada and the United States. 

Reciprocal Mission

Reciprocal Mission builds a bridge of mutual trust and learning between two indigenous churches and two different cultures. These churches work together in catalyzing God’s transformational work and increasing their impact locally and globally. Each church sends teams of missionaries to serve with and under the indigenous leadership, sharing spiritual gifts and brining encouragement and exhortation.

Movements - MissioCorps

Missio Corps

MissioCorps serves the underserved, the under-resourced, and the most vulnerable. From nursing homes to neighborhoods, we help the church live into part of its core calling by building communities of faith among the most forgotten–the poorest members of society.

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