In 2022, I transitioned away from campus ministry and towards a full time position as Finance Manager for the Greenhouse Movement. Before this transition, I was working 20 hours with the finance team and 20 hours on campus with students at IIT. While I often miss being on campus with college students, it is in doing this work that I have found a niche that I uniquely enjoy and excel at. The Greenhouse Movement currently has around 50 employees located across 12 states. In addition to supporting these staff, I support 10 congregations and a daycare ministry in their day to day logistics and bookkeeping.

Your giving supports the ministry work of employed missionaries or qualified volunteers. Gifts to Greenhouse missionary work are designated for the missionary or ministry fund indicated, but ultimate discretion and control of funds remains with Greenhouse board of directors to accomplish Greenhouse’s exempt purposes as a Christian mission society. Greenhouse is a 501(c)3 church-based non-profit ministry.

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