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A Fresh Wind

In recent months, we’ve experienced a number of joys at Cornerstone Edgewater, a congregation that is composed of residents from Park View Rehab Center, and which meets inside the facility itself. At long last, we’ve now entered a season where the pandemic’s effects have subsided to the point that the quite strict precautions have been relaxed, and even masks are no longer. It has been some time since we have had a COVID shutdown, and the Lord has now brought opportunities to resume a “normal” rhythm from pre-pandemic years. 

We’ve sought to use that opportunity well to invite the residents to reinvest in Cornerstone.  So, we had several membership retreats in the early part of the summer to allow our regular attenders to explore what we believe as a church through a series of teachings on the Apostles’ Creed as well as Anglican distinctives. A good group was considering membership and asked great questions, staying through both teachings (which is a lot to ask for our folks), and one man, “Jerry,” decided to formally join at Pentecost! Fr. Kyle Oesch and I had the gift of praying for him and receiving him as a member. 


Also, several members of Cornerstone Portage Park, our sister church from elsewhere in Chicago, joined for the service and celebration afterwards! We’ve been delighted to see more Cornerstone Portage Park members joining us throughout the summer to invest in our residents, whether by teaching, leading worship, or even just being a welcoming presence to those the rest of society seem to have forgotten.  We’re looking forward to seeing how the Lord will use this deepening partnership to bless us all.