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Caminemos Juntos Soccer Camp

To God all the Glory!

From August 7th to 12th, we had our Caminemos Juntos summer Soccer camp! With participation from Christ Church Vienna (Virginia), City of Light (Illinois), and Mission Cornerstone (Illinois) – a whole week of evangelism, music, craft, food, and soccer!

This time we did it in Aurora, Illinois in a park next to the home of Fr. Trevor McMaken (City of Light). A team of Latinos (Hondurans, Salvadorans, and Chileans) came from Virginia to give a soccer clinic. In the mornings we went out to distribute flyers and invitations around the neighborhood! A tremendous experience! Then a Bible course for the team, to be ready for the action!


On the first day, 78 kids arrived! And so every day we had a large number of boys and girls playing soccer and doing craft activities. Also, we shared snacks, songs, and Biblical teachings. We had many good conversations with their parents and a great time of evangelism! More than 13 different nationalities participated and ended with a great game between parents and children and watching a movie where we shared food! Too much fun for everyone!


Today the need is great, the world does not offer the Biblical values for the family, that is why it was a tremendous success for the Kingdom of God. Being able to share daily with many children who are sometimes alone or only connected to a phone or television. Go out to the park, play a sport, laugh, learn from God, and eat together! That is the Kingdom of God in action!

On the last day, watched fathers and mothers, boys and girls, of different colors, languages, and nationalities, run after a ball and play, watch in action what we are told in Revelation, “Every Tribe, every nation” all together worshipping God, singing together!

In the end, we had 98 children plus their parents! More than 148 people listened to the message. In a park one weekday in Illinois!

Thanks to Fr. Juan Esteban Saravia and his Family and Jorge Valdes. (Leaders of Vienna)

Thanks to the great Latin Soccer Team from Vienna, DC

Thanks to Daniela Norero and Carolina Prado for their role with the girls in Craft and gospel activities.

Thank you to the City of Light Team for all your love and service.

Thanks to all my family serving all together for the Kingdom!

All Glory be to the Lord!