I’ve known that God loved me for as long as I can remember, and am grateful for how intentionally my parents raised me in a “household of faith.”  After getting over my first golden career wish – when as a 3 year old I wanted to be a garbage man, because they got to wear orange every day – I mostly wanted to do some type of work in the church: preacher, apologist, scholar, Bible translator, you name it.

My freshman year in college, I felt the Lord calling me to a season of more active ministry, and I had a few different church and missionary jobs over the years.  I’ve been with Greenhouse since 2014, and in 2019-20 transitioned to my current 2 roles.

At Greenhouse’s intellectual arm, St. Paul’s House of Formation, I get to work with my spiritual father Stephen Gauthier and my good friend Alex Wilgus in creating content from within the living tradition of the faith.  We currently have about 175 students each year going through the core St. Paul’s program, and it’s a joy for all of us to see our students rooting themselves more deeply in Christ and his church.  And there are a number of future products we’re hoping to release soon to help them take their faith journey even further.

At the Greenhouse central office, our team helps ensure that each of our missionaries have the legal, financial, and operational structure they need for growth.  Greenhouse missionaries do innovative work, like planting churches in nursing homes for those who can’t leave to attend somewhere else, reaching small rural communities that aren’t on anyone’s “strategic map”, and helping white and black churches in urban Chicago do simple but powerful things like joining each other’s worship services and building real friendships.  With creative work come unusual challenges, and our team’s goal is to “serve tables” so to speak, so the GH missionaries can focus on the important work the Lord has called them to do.

My wife Ashley and I live in Irving Park, Chicago, where we just celebrated our 5 year anniversary.  I couldn’t find a better woman in the world.

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