Donald is a dedicated servant to the Whitewater community, passionately sharing the Gospel across schools, college campuses, apartment complexes, and reaching out to those society often neglects. With a fervent commitment to protecting the unborn and supporting single mothers, Donald views these groups as the modern-day widows and orphans. His over five years of involvement in the Pro-Life movement has been focused on breaking down barriers for women who feel abortion is their only option, striving to offer compassionate alternatives.

Donald’s mission is to transform generations of families through the Gospel of Jesus by caring for and discipling those who are Unwanted in our society. He believes that through this ministry, lives and communities can be profoundly changed.

A native of Las Vegas, NV, Donald has made Whitewater his home since 2018. He has a deep love for the Bible and Church history and cherishes his Irish heritage, with aspirations to visit Ireland in the future.

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